Some our recent project include the following:

Sculpture Welding

Here is just a sample of the types of artistic design that we can bring to your home, office or anyplace you desire. Our work includes metal door design, custom fencing, sculpture and just about anything you can imagine and we can create.

Kitchen Remodel
This is an example of what we can do with your older home. We began with a porch extension which was later stained and sealed. In the before picture you can see that the existing kitchen had a very outdated style and was showing a lot of wear and tear. This new kitchen we created was given a new lighting plan as well as new appliances, cabinetry and an island.

Porch Extension



Tunnel Road Home

This beautiful Tunnel Road home was in desperate need of new flooring. In the kitchen we re-tiled with imported Italian clay tile in a diamond pattern. As you can see in the middle picture the house was originally all carpet which we then replaced with hardwood flooring.

Unfortunately this house was in the path of the Jesusita Fire. Only days after the project was finished the fire came raging through and took the house with it. We would like to extend our condolences to the Schiffer family for the loss of their family home and thank them for giving us the opportunity to work with them.

New Kitchen Tile

Edge of tile, existing carpet.

New Hardwood Flooring

Second Story Staircase

This home has two separate living quarters and previously had no access to the backyard from the second story living space. We solved that problem with a beautiful staircase that matched the look of the existing porch. Also added was a shade covering so that the porch could be enjoyed during the hot daytime sun.

New Staircase

Shade Covering Added

Bamboo Paradise Home

This is one of my favorite homes to work on. Slowly but surely we are morphing this old barn into a two bedroom loft with bamboo accents and a working bridge across the second level. We customized an existing door with artwork we provided then sandblasted onto the glass. Bright colors and hidden storage really help this small space come alive and work for the young couple that dwell within.

Bamboo Ceiling

Second Story Bridge

Hidden Storage under the stairs

Sandblasted Door

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